Dangerous Animals

A judge has ruled that an Abbotsford pit bull is a dangerous dog and must be euthanized. )Photo by Lucas Quaresma on Unsplash)

Judge rules that ‘dangerous’ Abbotsford pit bull be destroyed

Bruno was involved in attacks against other dogs, including one that died


Dogs and joggers have recently come across aggressive coyotes in Metro Vancouver, including in Stanley Park where there were more than a dozen attacks this winter. (Unsplash)

‘Never run from a coyote’: Canadians report increased sightings during pandemic

Dan Kraus, with the Nature Conservancy of Canada, gives advice on what people should do if they encounter a coyote


Coyote sightings are not uncommon, but attacks on humans are. (BP File Photo)

Runners and pets fall target to coyotes, cougars in Lower Mainland

An unprecedented number of joggers have been attacked by coyotes this winter