Brian Oates is the new manager of golf operations at Hirsch Creek Golf and Winter Club. (Submitted photo)

Hirsch Creek introduces new manager of golf operations

Brian Oates comes to Kitimat from Deer Valley Golf Course in Saskatoon, Sask.

Hirsch Creek Golf and Winter Club (HCGWC) has a new manager of golf operations.

In a recent letter to the membership, club president Iain Illing announced the appointment of Brian Oates.

Oates most recently superintendent of the Deer Valley Golf Course in Saskatoon, Sask., has a long history of golf club jobs around western Canada and came highly recommended.

In the letter, Illing dispels negative rumours about Oates.

“We did receive a poison-pen message noting a list of deficiencies, anonymously, and after further investigation with his previous clubs we are dismissing the message as unsubstantiated,” he wrote.

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Illing went on to say the golf course is in great shape and will only improve with a dedicated superintendent in charge.

“The crew likes him and that will go a long way to improving conditions,” the president said.

HCGWC is also looking for some volunteer help now that summer staff members are giving their notice.

“If you have spare time and need something to do, we can offer lots of volunteer opportunities inside and out and it would help the club immensely,” Illing wrote.

He also put out the call to members to fill one vacant spot on the board of directors as they look forward to winter.

“All for now, except to say that curling season is coming and we will once again be on the ice, with the assistance of Brian who has experience and tickets for ice technician and some freshly trained volunteers,” Illing concluded.

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