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Town needs to fix slope near Cable Car water reservoir

A slope failure means the District has to kick in emergency repair money to make sure there's no damage to Cable Car's water tanks.

Work relating to the water reservoirs in Cable Car continue to cost the District of Kitimat money with emergency funding being approved to fix embankment repairs.

A late report to councillors on November 23 was that it was found the slope behind the water reservoirs failed. Engineering estimates its 1,800 cubic metres worth of ground that’s given way, and is just 3.5 metres away from the base of the reservoir.

The town hired on a geotechnical consultant to review the risk and required works to stabilize the slope.

Chief Administrative Officer Warren Waycheshen said that the slope failure is tied to water discharge from the reservoir itself.

The town has already committed money to repair the aging water storage tanks in Cable Car.

Following a boost to budget after bids came in high the town is spending $75,000 on the repairs.

Even so the struggles to date are structural, meaning the water quality in Cable Car has not been impacted.

The top end of the budget estimates so far, with survey work still ongoing to assess the repairs, is $200,000 according to the report to council from District staff.