Sixty-two per cent turn out for Kitimat plebiscite

The District of Kitimat calculates that 62 per cent of eligible voters turned out for the town's plebiscite.

The District of Kitimat calculates that the voter turnout for the town’s plebiscite relating to the Northern Gateway Pipelines project was 62 per cent.

That’s with a total voter turn out of 3,071, leading to a “no” victory with 1,793 votes.

‘Yes’ votes totalled 1,278.

The question asked: Do you support the final report recommendations of the Joint Review Panel (JRP) of the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency and National Energy Board, that the Enbridge Northern Gateway Project be approved, subject to 209 conditions set out in Volume 2 of the JRP’s final report?

The District calculated the turn out by dividing the total votes cast with the sum of new voter registrations (Which was 761) and the number of persons on the voters list which is 4,163.

Eligibility for the plebiscite would have been different than a full election, due to the lack of requirement to be a Canadian citizen, plus the need only to have been a resident of Kitimat for 30 days in order to vote.

In the community the debate essentially boiled down to whether or not you supported Enbridge’s Northern Gateway proposal, which seeks to build an oil pipeline from Alberta to a marine terminal in Kitimat.

Tonight councillors will meet for a special meeting of council, and will discuss the results of the plebiscite.

The plebiscite is non-binding meaning Kitimat Council is not obligated to set any specific path from here, but there are many who hope the conclusion of the plebiscite means councillors will set an official community position regarding the project.