Police seeking suspects in a Kitimat and Terrace jewelry theft

Police in both Kitimat and Terrace are looking for information relating to a jewelry theft in each community.

The Kitimat and Terrace RCMP are each investigating two independent jewelry store robberies which occurred on April 22, and are trying to figure out if the two crimes are related.

An unidentified male smashed open a display case for Cook’s Jewellers which faced into the mall hallway shortly after 1 p.m. and fled with an undisclosed amount of jewelry.

The suspect is described as in his 20s, dark complexion and wearing a black windbreaker and track suit type of jacket, and a bright red hat.

Police quickly cordoned off the area where the suspect was believed to have fled into a wooded area across the street from the upper City Centre Mall area.

Police believe the suspect was picked up in a vehicle and left the area. A police service dog from Terrace was called in to assist tracking the suspect. A track was found but was lost at Lahakas Boulevard.

Just under two hours later police learned another a similar incident at the Carters Jewellers at the mall in Terrace.

Kitimat’s Staff Sergeant Phil Harrison said they don’t yet know if the two incidents are connected. Despite the similarity in the crime, it seems so far it may have been a different person in the Terrace incident.

Police are looking for public help in identifying the person or persons responsible.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Kitimat police detachment at 250-632-7111, or call Crime Stoppers to remain anonymous, at 1-800-222-8477. A cash reward may be offered for information leading to arrest and charges for people who report tips to Crime Stoppers.

See the Terrace Standard’s report here, which includes a photo of the suspect from the Terrace incident.