POLICE REPORTS: Power cut to an Alexander townhome

A selection of police files from October 6 to October 12.

October 6

Police called to an abandoned vehicle at Nechako Centre, parked for at least a week. The last registered owner was contacted and told police the vehicle had been sold and did not know contact information for the new owner. Vehicle was towed and if not claimed by the owner the vehicle may be sold to recoup storage and towing fees.

October 7

Another abandoned vehicle, also said to have been sold ‘months ago’, was reported and towed to a compound. Police did not specify where this vehicle was found but may also be sold of an owner does not come forward.

October 8

Police are investigating a potential fraud case where a complainant says their checkbook had been stolen and the name forged on cheques cashed at two local banks. Police are still investigating this file.

Police were called to a report of a truck on Highway 37 leaving a stream of drywall material on the road on its way to the landfill. The Motor Vehicle Act forbids loads that are not properly secured and the police are investigating this incident.

October 9

Police were called to the Alexander townhouses for a break and enter call. They found that someone had broken in to the electrical room of the residence and caused damage to the electrical box. The complainant said he had received complaints from tenants that their power had gone out and found the damage on investigation. Police say it looks like the lock had been picked and the fuses tampered with to cut the power. The police are still investigating.

October 10

An officer pulled over a driver after crossing the centre line and braking for no apparent reasons.  A 29-year-old driver failed a roadside screening and received a 90-day driving prohibition and a vehicle impoundment. He was also given a ticket for having no licence.

Police spoke with two people who had apparently been involved in a fight with each other, one who was allegedly armed with a machete and the other with a knife. Both men had backed off and police warned them to stay away from each other. Neither person wanted to pursue any charges against the other.

October 11

An officer who had been en route to a cancelled call spotted a 32-year-old running down a path and hiding in bushes. The officer found the man attempting to hide in the bushes. The person was jailed for public intoxication and taken to cells, before being released to the care of his mother.

October 12

A noise complaint was received from a homeowner about loud music and bass keeping her family awake. RCMP traced the noise to a wedding at the Luso club, which was about 400 metres away. The band at the event said they’d try to turn down the music for the next set. Police received another noise complaint from the same person later in the evening but RCMP say they were not able to attend to the issue until later when the funcion had ended.