POLICE REPORT: Police and firefighters help a guy out looking for weather shelter in Kitimat

A selection of police files from between February 3 to February 10 in Kitimat.

February 3

Despite the extreme weather shelter being closed due to a lack of volunteers, a person trying to access the shelter this evening received help regardless. Firefighters gave the person a meal and police let the person spend the night in their cells, due to lack of other options. Police describe the person as polite and thankful for the help.

At 4 p.m. police and the Conservation Officer Service tried to find a person who may have been hunting wolves despite a suspended licence. The COs said they’d be looking in the Onion Lake area and asked the RCMP to check out the Hirsch Creek and Forest Avenue area for the person. The authorities were tipped off that the person may be hunting as the person was offering a wolf carcass to make sure it wouldn’t go to waste. Patrols were unsuccessful in finding the individual.

February 4

Police followed up when a person’s girlfriend reported the boyfriend missing. The subject lives at the Kitimat Modernization Project camp and police checked in and were able to determine the person was not missing, but was showing up for his work shifts. Once police could reach the person the male was surprised he had been reported missing.

February 5

Police had to lecture an individual who was found intoxicated in the bushes near an apartment on Tsimshian Boulevard. He was arrested for public intoxication and brought to the hospital to be checked over since police say he had been outside for several hours in -15C weather with wind. The person was cleared by medical staff and taken to the cells for the night. He was reminded as he was released that he needs to stay sober in order to use the extreme weather shelter. Police did provide him with a hooded sweat shirt for him to wear during the day.

Police attempted to track down an apparently intoxicated person walking on Haisla Boulevard toward Kitamaat Village Road. Police couldn’t locate the person and the complainant believed the person may have been picked up by someone.

February 8

A person was arrested for public intoxication at Tim Hortons. The male had slurred speech and gave wrong answers to the officer, for instance giving his birth date when asked for his address. The person spent the night in Kitimat’s cells.

Near midnight police were called regarding 10 loud pops that the caller wasn’t sure was fireworks or gun shots. The sound came from the area of Albatross Avenue. Police  did patrols but could not find any source for the sounds.

February 9

A local youth got into trouble when he again tried to enter a local bar. The same youth was found in the same bar a few weeks prior. This time he attempted to get in with a fake ID but was recognized by a bar employee from the earlier incident. The employee did take the person’s bank card and fake driver’s licence and handed it to police. Officers went to the person’s home and spoke with him and his parents, and lectured him for about 30 minutes about his behaviour. The youth did offer up his second fake ID which his mother cut up in front of him. The youth was given a violation ticket for presenting a false identification.

An intoxicated woman entered the wrong home after a night of partying in a nearby residence. The homeowner chased the person out where the individual tried to get into the homeowner’s vehicle, claiming it was hers too. Police attended and took the person to the cells for the night, and was given a violation ticket for public intoxication.

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