POLICE REPORT: Person high on synthetic hallucinogen causes scene in Kitimat

A selection of Kitimat police files for between February 10 and February 16.

February 10

Police attended to an alleged assault on the sidewalk on Quatsino Boulevard. Police didn’t indicate the relationship between the aggressor and the victim in the alleged incident but said the suspect was held in cells until sober as the person was apparently intoxicated.

February 12

A call came in reporting a vehicle drifting and speeding on Lillooet Crescent. Officers were directed to the area the vehicle was last seen and pulled over a vehicle matching the description. The driver had an L licence and said she had been driving in the Lillooet Crescent area but denied speeding and drifting. She said she was taking people home who were intoxicated. The driver still received a ticket for driving without a qualified supervisor, having too many passengers and driving between midnight at 5 a.m.

February 13

A person possibly on drugs was sought after the person entered the Dairy Queen restaurant with a shovel, and asked for a knife from staff to cut his pocket open. The male also called the employees “meat sticks” when they refused the request. The person left before police arrived and he was not located, but staff were told to call the police if he returned.

An RCMP cruiser was almost T-boned as the officer drove past the Shoppers Drug Mark parking lot. Vehicle was pulled over in the mall parking lot. The driver was found to have no licence and no insurance for the vehicle. Officer issued a violation ticket which makes the person a prohibited driver.

February 14

False 9-1-1 call, determined to likely have been dialled by a toddler-aged girl playing with her dad’s new cell phone.

A good deed goes wrong when a bystander offered to help drive a disabled-person’s Chevy pick-up out of a parking stall at the SuperValu store. Another vehicle parked close enough where the owner of the Chevy couldn’t enter, so another man offered to get the vehicle out of the stall, but the vehicle is customized and had alternate placements for the gas and brake pedal. The vehicle was inadvertently driven forward after backing out of the stall, and hit the front passenger side of the vehicle which had crowded the Chevy in the stall. The Chevy then knocked over the handicapped parking pole and hit the outside wall of the store. About $500 worth of damage to the parked vehicle while the Chevy is thought to be a write off at about $10,000 worth of damages.

February 16

A caller reported that his friend was “tripping out” on a drug called 2-5-I, a synthetic hallucinogen. The person was outside of the home, wearing only a t-shirt, pants and socks, reportedly hitting windows, throwing snow and challenging people to fight. Officers arrested the individual for causing a disturbance, after the person allegedly threatened the officer that he would “kick his ass” then threw snow and called the officer names. The individual vomited in the police car on the way to the hospital, and apparently became afraid of the hospital issued slippers on the way to the police detachment. Police in their report describe 2-5-I as a synthetic hallucinogen and the highs could potentially last up to 12 hours. Symptoms include increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, high body temperature, aggression, hallucination, seizures and metabolic acidosis which can lead to increased respiratory rates.

If you have any information about these or any other crimes, please call CrimeStoppers at 1-800-222-8477, or contact the Kitimat RCMP detachment at 250-632-7111.