Police Briefs: Grizzly bear spotted near Wakita Street in Kitimat

A selection of police files from between April 20 and April 25.

April 20

At 2:38 p.m. the RCMP received a complaint of two female youths fighting each other on a porch of a local apartment unit. Officers arrived and separated the two. Once was suffering a swollen cheek and was taken to the hospital, police say. Both were intoxicated and uncooperative. Police released the woman to sober adults without charges.

April 21

At 9 a.m. a grizzly bear sighting was reported to RCMP, in the area of Wakita Street. Officers on arrival could not find the bear but a homeowner did show photos of the animal in a field across from their home. Neighbours and the nearby school were notified of the sighting. The public is encouraged to contact the Conservation Officer Service or RCMP if they are concerned about an animal sighting in a high human traffic area.

At 4:32 p.m. police received a report of online harrassment. Police say the complainant said their ex was posting derogatory remarks about their current partner through Facebook.  No threats to harm were posted but the individual was making “disparaging religious remarks,” police say. Police subsequently discovered this was not the first instance of harassment among these individuals, and police advised the subject to be respectful about online postings, to which this individual agreed. The public is also reminded nothing is ever truly deleted online and they should be mindful of what they post.

At 8:06 p.m. police received a reported threat against an animal. The individual in this case said they feared a neighbour’s dog — which had gotten loose — could harm their own animals and children and the person protected them with a knife. Police advised the animal’s owner to be more cautious in keeping their animal contained.

April 22

Police were called for a report of two men attempting to tear down a tree near Gyrfalcon Avenue with a truck. Police say they determined the truck owner had been trying to use a tree as leverage as they were hauling away building supplies. The attending officer noted the tree was not damaged “and was no longer being used as a tool.” The truck owner apologized and offered to pay any damages caused by driving on grass as well.

April 23

Police responded to a caller, who was distraught over alleged concerns that a person to whom they owed money was threatening to post private photos of them on the Internet. Police say the investigation is ongoing, and remind the public to limit the opportunity for persons to take advantage of them by limited their online footprint, and being mindful of what they share.

April 24

At 5 p.m. a complainant called to report raw sewage being dumped in to the Kitimat River off Dyke Road. The owner of the trailer was contacted and told police they felt the trailer was tampered with as they would not have dumped raw sewage like that. The trailer owner attended and stopped the release.

April 25

A sum of money was turned in to the RCMP. Police say contact the local detachment and describe where the money may have been lost, the amount and denominations if you believe it’s yours. If the money is not returned the finder of it can claim it for themselves.

At 5:40 p.m. there was a rear-end collision between a pick-up and an SUV. The driver of the truck was served a ticket for having expired insurance.