No need so far for water restrictions in Kitimat

Responsible water use by Kitimatians has meant the town so far hasn't had to apply any water restrictions.

Not to say it’s probably not a good idea to do so anyway, but the District of Kitimat has yet to suggest water restrictions may be coming for the town despite the area’s significant heat wave.

The town’s Director of Engineering Tim Gleig says that increases in water consumption are “primarily related to sprinkling and watering of lawns and gardens” and that “it would not be possible to keep up with demands if every house had a garden hose running.”

That said, “Fortunately Kitimat residents have been very conscientious in this regard and as a result we have not had to restrict water use in town.”

He said in the past there had been notices sent to Cablecar residents as their larger lots require more water than typical households, and the higher use of water can affect the adequate storage of water for firefighting needs, but no notices have been sent out this year.

“If we suffer a major water system breakdown or power outage then measures would have to be taken,” he added.

As for efficient sprinkling, he did offer up some tips for residents:

1.      If water is running over the curb it should be turned off

2.      Water early in the morning, not in the heat of the day or when the wind is blowing

3.      Grass will recover with wet weather so needn’t be kept green all summer in hot dry conditions

Meanwhile watering restrictions are in place for the Terrace area.