Mediator called in to help solve Kitimat’s municipal strike

A mediator has been called in to solve the collective bargaining standstill in Kitimat.

The District of Kitimat has agreed to Unifor 2300’s suggestion of calling in a mediator to solve the standstill of collective bargaining for the town’s municipal employees.

Unifor’s Business Agent Martin McIlwrath told the Sentinel that they made the application to the Labour Relations Board and by mid-day Monday the District had responded.

“This is an opportunity to settle this and get through this labour dispute,” he said.

The District had said they were going to hire an external negotiator to handle further bargaining, a measure Mayor Phil Germuth said they were forced in to from bargaining in an abusive environment.

The mediator has indicated May 1 to 4 as the potential dates of the first meetings.