Kitimat’s trending music maker wrote song while living in the KMP camp

A musician working as an electrician at KMP has made a video about Kitimat's rain.

Taryn Wilton is an electrician by trade, which is appropriate because he’s electrified the community with a homage music video to the area and its abundant rain.

Wilton has lived in Kitimat since last August working on the Kitimat Modernization Project. He hails from Niagara in Ontario, and said he is slowly getting the hang of filmmaking, although he does have a music degree from New Zealand where he grew up.

He worked on the Kitimat song while in camp.

“As long as I can see the sun once in awhile I’m happy,” he said about his relationship with the rain. “We got here in August and it was beautiful…then in September I think it started rain and it didn’t seem like it stopped until about January. It was crazy.”

He recruited the efforts of some local people, including a young woman working at the Kitimat Museum & Archives, who he said was a good sport in volunteering to be filmed.

“We just walked in there one day and said ‘hey, you want to be in a music video?'”

Wilton said he wasn’t expecting the immense popularity of the video.

“I’m definitely surprised, I didn’t expect it to be that popular, no,” he said.

His contract may be finishing soon at KMP, so he’s setting his sights on returning home for awhile and seeing his family, which includes his wife and three kids.