Kitimat, the album

A documentary, and an album, inspired by Kitimat has been put together by UBC student Luke Wallace.

Luke Wallace came to Kitimat last July, and here he found music.

The Vancouver-based jack of all trades (he’s a student, a musician and a filmmaker) set his eyes on Kitimat in order to receive a first hand local experience.

He needed it as he, like many, is a supporter of environmental conservation and is a vocal supporter of ecosystems and preserving natural beauty.

As someone who speaks for environmental conservation, he felt he really needed to see first hand the environment he seeks to protect.

Armed with a camera, he came to Kitimat in pursuit of a documentary about the area.

His efforts also led to music, and he recently released the Kitimat LP, a collection of folk-style music inspired by the town of the album’s namesake.

He said he began writing the music for the Kitimat LP in December, before he planned to even come to Kitimat that following summer.

“I’m a musician first and foremost,” he said.

Once he settled on making a documentary, he said he knew it would be from a musician’s perspective.

Wallace, who studies environmental geography at UBC, said his documentary will premier on campus, before beginning a provincial tour.

He said he will be returning to Kitimat, partnerned with Friends of Wild Salmon, to show the film

in Kitimat.

He said his days in Kitimat were always full of adventure and getting up close to the area wildlife at times.