The Kildala PAC are fundraising for a new playground and need your votes.

The Kildala PAC are fundraising for a new playground and need your votes.

Kildala Elementary playground project needs your votes

A project to build a newer, bigger playground at Kildala Elementary is underway, as parents embark on fundraising efforts.

The Parent Advisory Council (PAC) for Kildala Elementary is putting the gas on their drive to get a new playground for the school.

Their PAC President Kimberly Wasyleski says they’ve hit $18,000 so far in their goal to reach up to about $70,000, and now they’re turning to the Aviva Community Fund for support.

Aviva provides grants to projects based on direct feedback, meaning people must vote for the projects they feel deserves the money.

If Kildala’s playground can at least make it as a finalist they’ll be guaranteed some prize money, or even better if they become a grand prize winner they’ll get a grant to cover the whole project, out of Aviva’s total $1 million fund being handed out.

Long story short, anyone who supports Kildala getting a new playground, which will be built at the front of the school in addition to the existing wooden one, must vote once a day to give the project a shot at making it.

“We want to give direction to our children and playgrounds provide a health benefit, mental benefit and social benefit,” said Wasyleski. “If you drive passed there you’re going to see a lot of kids trying to play on one small, wooden unit. What are the other kids doing? They’re idle.”

The idea for the new playground began with previous PAC councils, but the current one picked up the ball, and the at-then $4,000 fund, and have hit the pavement seeking community support from businesses and community groups.

The PAC has adjusted the plan over time, with the initial proposed playground pegged at over $100,000 and would have been built in the back of the school. But with primary and intermediate level children all sharing the school grounds together, it made sense for the new plan to essentially add to the playground already there. At least for as long as the current playground has life.

“We would like to keep the old structure up for now, it isn’t totally retired yet,” she added.

People can reach the playground information page — which of course includes the option to vote on it — at