Election results are made official

The District of Kitimat has made the election results of November 15 official.

The District of Kitimat made the November 15 election results official on November 18.

The declaration is a matter of procedure but did not change anything already known from election day, which saw Phil Germuth elected to mayor with 1,828 votes.

The next council will consist of Rob Goffinet (1,997 votes), Edwin Empinado (1,966), Mario Feldhoff (1,918), Mary Murphy (1,577), Claire Rattée (1,381), and Larry Walker (1,129).

The new council will be sworn in on December 1.

As for turnout, 2,820 persons voted in Kitimat, which includes 387 people not previously registered.

That made voter turnout 61 per cent, with Kitimat’s 4,646 eligible voters.

The next local government election will take place October 2018.