COLUMN: The winter outlook for Kitimat

Northern Sentinel columnist Malcolm Baxter reports what the winter expectation is.

Another year has passed and it’s time again to see what the Old Farmer’s Almanac has to say about the weather for the next 12 months.

With temperatures forecast to be below normal next month, odds are we will see our first snowflakes by mid-month, but likely in the form of snow showers only.

Week three will see mixed snow and rain and the month will end as it started: wet, wet, wet.

And rain will dominate through the first week of December, but then the real white stuff will take over continuing through week three when we will get our first taste of cold weather.

After a couple of days of rain to wash away what we have on the ground by then, cold and flurries will be the order of the day through the Christmas period.

January opens with mixed rain and snow showers but a vicious cold snap hits at the end of week one bringing with it blizzard conditions (Pleeese, not another one!).

Thankfully as week two draws to a close we will be back into rain/snow with even some sunny and mild weather.

However it is a brief respite as heavy snow hits in week three before a sunny and cold end to the month.

That sunny cold weather drags into the beginning of February and from there the month will be dominated by snow or flurries.

March announces that winter is over by opening with a week of rain then three weeks of mainly sunny and cool weather.

And April reinforces the message when, after a week of cool and showers, we get “seasonable” conditions followed by sunny and “nice” for the last couple of weeks.

And so to May, the most important month of the year for gardeners wanting to get their veggies into the ground.

It starts out perfectly with sunny warm weather but then fails to follow up on that promise with three weeks of showery weather with temperatures flipping back and forth between cool and mild.

After an uncharacteristically hot June this year, next year normal service is resumed with nothing but showers and only one week of warm weather.

July starts out not much better with cool and showery weather but in week two summer arrives with sunny/hot for a couple of weeks, finishing with warm and a few showers.

August can’t make up its mind, opening with hot sunny weather followed by showers and cooler in week two, sunny in three and cool with showers to end.

September is equally undecided going from cool with showers to sunny/cool to rain to showers/mild.

And to complete the year October opens with a bit of sun but the first half of the month will be mainly wet and through that last half we should see our first white – thankfully just showers.

And there you have it.

Malcolm Baxter is a columnist for the Kitimat Northern Sentinel and the paper’s former editor.