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READERS WRITE: Kitimat's Douglas Channel Watch not a bunch of radicals

A reader writes, praising Kitimat's Douglas Channel Watch for their work.

Dear Sir,

So far I have not been a member of an environmental group, but last week I signed up to the Douglas Channel Watch.

It’s not a group of radical tree huggers but a collection of concerned long-time community volunteers who sincerely believe that saying “no” to Enbridge is worth their time and struggles.

I have heard so many well-researched and reasoned points from the dedicated and sincere members of Douglas Channel Watch that I am proud to identify with this group.

The love of our community and the amazing pristine wilderness and waters surrounding us motivate this group to spend hours of their free time in the battle for the environment.

I am motivated by my Northern values to work hard to protect the unique habitat of the B.C. coast and to stand united with the Coastal First Nations in the pursuit of sustainable long-term jobs and development.

No to pipelines, no tankers, no problem, no to the plebiscite question.


Patricia Lange