READERS WRITE: Council like a cross between Muppets and Laugh-In

A reader responds to the goings on at Kitimat's council meetings.

Dear Sir,

Listening and reading on the subject, a week later  I am still shaking my head in disbelief. I am not sure if many of you still remember old TV series of the Muppets and Laugh In?

Let us begin with the wording of the plebiscite, which in my opinion consists of two different subjects:  Enbridge pipeline construction and the JRP report.

(How could the architects of the wording miss this?)

I thought the issue we have as a community is that we the people should be  able to give a simple YES or  NO answer on the simple and intelligent  question: Do you support the Enbridge pipeline project? Not the JRP report which is a separate  issue.

(I like to commend comments by Councillor Germuth and  Sentinel  Editor Mr. Orr on the subject.)

Is anyone surprised why our ‘Muppets’ choose plebiscite versus referendum?

Referendum represents a process where the people make decisions for inability and incompetence of governing bodies and the result is binding.

A plebiscite is not binding thus  gives, in fact, an escape route to a governing body – confirming its inability and incompetence.

Those among the ‘Muppets’ that suggest to us reading of the JRP report, that community is split or that we should have more meetings on wording, etc., I am worried.

I  would like to find out what our newcomers to our community think. Perhaps better not, as a pioneer in this community I might be ashamed.

For those less informed who wish to watch the local Laugh In series, the show is available on cable channel 10 every second Monday. Please attend/view regularly as there are some rumours that there could be a change in November 2014 for some ‘muppets’ and thus the name of the show.  Hopefully.


Leon Dumstrey-Soos