READERS WRITE: Choosing to vote yes

A reader says he'll be voting yes in the Kitimat plebiscite.

Dear Sir:

On April 12th, I’ll be voting “yes” in support of the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline, which has undergone thorough public and scientific scrutiny.

In December, a non-partisan panel recommended moving ahead with the pipeline subject to 209 rigorous environmental and socio-economic conditions.

Pipelines are not new to this country, this province or this region.  Canadians know how to build safe pipelines — they’ve been building them since the 1850s.  We’ve learned a lot in that time, and modern pipelines are the safest way to transport Canada’s oil.

Northern Gateway will provide direct economic benefits to Kitimat, including 180 jobs and some $5 million in tax revenue, while ensuring our beautiful environment is protected.


Dennis La Hue