If education important, why keep re-electing a government that attacks it?

I get a kick out of observing the society we live in the past while. We have fallen right into the corporate mind-set and I am not sure why.

Dear sir,

I get a kick out of observing the society we live in the past while. We have fallen right into the corporate mind-set and I am not sure why.

The provincial government and all their lack of wisdom are marginalizing teachers – predictable for this particular elected representation – but it is the people of this society that are off-base as well, conforming to the corporate mind-set which this government is implementing.

Teachers have recently been treated with little to no regard and it is against the beliefs of this society.

If you walk down any street in BC or Canada and ask someone, almost anyone, what are the most important values of this country, most will state either health, or education.

Yet these two values are constantly under attack from the representation that is elected at the moment.

Teachers help form the future of this society, but the elected representatives would rather treat them as second rate.

Forcing teachers back to full-workloads seems to be the mantra lately, and these full-workloads really mean that teachers will be doing more administration and less teaching.

Teachers have already been deemed an essential service, and are unable to take any real job action against the tyranny of the elected representatives.

Trustees of school boards have become nothing more or less than hit-men and hit-women of the ministry of Education. Trustees seem to forget that they were elected to represent local townships and regions and not the provincial government.

Students walking out in protest against schools and teachers, there is a misdirected initiative. Parents should be helping their children to understand that they should be on the same side as teachers.

Teachers are taking action for more beneficial class sizes and ensuring that the educational future is going to be worth something to all in this society.

But, oh yeah, I forgot, these are most likely the same parents that voted in the current governance, so maybe they should get their children to say ‘baa’ and follow the flock.

Conforming to the whims of the elected governance is not going to be the answer.

If anything people of this society have to be part of structuring the future of this society and start to tell governance what it really wants, which I would hope is bright, promising futures for the children and youth.

The provincial Liberals are really not out for the regular people of this society and never have been, yet they keep getting voted in by the regular people of this society, so laws of conformity are winning.

After these governances gain the control they want and education is not at the standard everyone else wants. then there will be change.

But why not call BS when it is time? Like right now! Oh yeah, I forgot, we are all being trained to conform.

It is peculiar, everyone seems to despise the thought of communism and would hate being dictated to, yet when push comes to shove the right wing politicians will operate like dictators and the people of this society simply go along with this practice.

The right wing politicians are not out to strengthen this society, they are more out to control it for the advancement of their own beliefs and pursuits.

Teachers are not the enemy, they are people that feel they are contributing to the betterment of the society.

Yet provincial Liberals are painting them out to be the enemy and this society seems to be letting them do just that.

Take an honest appraisal of what has really been transpiring in the past few years and be part of the change that is required for the future of our children.

Fred Wilson,