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Forget bears — Kitimat has a stupid people problem

Dear Editor,

Dear Editor,


I’m not politically correct and don’t plan to be, so if you think you’ll be “offended” then don’t read any further.

So you people, yes you people ( and I’m not Don Cherry), think we have a bear problem in Kitimat.

As I said recently, all new people who arrive here should have to spend 2 weeks living in Kemano to learn how to live with wildlife.

Since the early ’50s people living there learned how to cohabitate with all the wildlife, without RCMP and Conservation officers to call every time they saw an animal and got their knickers in a knot!

There is NOT a bear problem here, it is a stupid people problem.

Don’t leave garbage out, or any other food source.

Keep your kids indoors when there’s a bear in the immediate vicinity and keep your pets indoors while the animal is there.

Quit calling RCMP and COs, who either destroy the animal or take it away from its home!

This is an animal corridor that we live in and they were here long before we were!

Common sense is the only thing you need.

I’ve lived here since the early ’50s.

The dump was not far from the “Zoo” ( old hotel in the Service Center).

The bears came and lay on the street behind the hotel and sometimes wandered into the beer parlor for a look around.

No one panicked, and the bear would finally leave.

Also, our entertainment was to go to the dump (which was not fenced) in the evening to watch 20 to 25 bears feeding.

No one was stupid enough to get out of their vehicles to take pictures.

We just sat quietly and watched!

Yes, it’s fine to post on FB where a bear is, so people can stay away from that area and pick a different route to walk.

You live in a community that has wildlife so the sooner you learn to live with it the better!

If you don’t like this life then move to a bigger community, where you just have to contend with two-legged animals, who do far more harm and there is no one to post where they are, so you are never safe.

Even if they are ever “TRAPPED” the courts release them so they can continue to be a safety problem!


Wouldn’t you rather look at a beautiful animal with four legs, than an idiot with two??

Respectfully submitted,

Yes, I’m still watching and listening

Keep smiling

Roma Burnett