Enbridge community advisories farcical

The Enbridge “Community Advisory Boards” (CABs) are a farce.

Dear sir,

The Enbridge “Community Advisory Boards” (CABs) are a farce.

Their website (www.communityadvisoryboards.com) is completely void of information.

With the propaganda machine in full force, the claim in the home page that Northern Gateway “is committed to an open forum for transparent and meaningful engagement” is left totally unsubstantiated.

I tried to look at the local CAB (North West) membership, and the names are not disclosed.

Worse, the minutes of the meetings are unavailable to the public, being “password protected”.

What is available is the propaganda of Enbridge’s “public presentations”.

Their usual “force feeding” people with their information.

Enbridge is trying all it can to avoid the public. The CABs are indeed a farce and a sad one.

Josette Wier.

Smithers, BC.