Don’t keep coddling your kids

Construction workers are no worse than they were years ago

Dear Editor,

What has happened to people and common sense these days?

I read Facebook and try very hard not to add to the stupid comments because, as we all know, it becomes a P—ing contest.

People in this community – and I’m sure in other communities – constantly blame someone else when there is a problem.

Construction workers are the same as anyone else – I can tell you there are idiots living in any community that were here a lot longer than the construction workers!

Construction workers are here to do a job and yes, they probably go to the bars but don’t for a moment think they are the only ones there.

Are construction workers the ones who leave pets and kids in hot cars? No! Now these so-called parents need an APP to remind them they have left someone behind – isn’t that interesting?

I read the comments on Facebook by so-called parents complaining about construction workers in language that used to be called ‘loggers Language’.

They F-this and F-that and wonder why their kids are growing up the way they are.

These same parents don’t allow their kids to stand up for themselves. Teachers, who used to be respected, can’t discipline kids without being threatened by parents.

Playgrounds have to have rubber surfaces so kids don’t scrape their knees!

Police can’t give someone who deserves a good smack without being videotaped by some idiot on the sidelines who doesn’t know the whole problem.

And on and on it goes…

Some people think ‘recreational drugs’ are OK.

Give your head a shake – drugs are to help a health problem, not something you take for fun!

Some of you may not know, but I went to an all-Native school on a reserve from grade 1 to 7 which is where I learned to stand up for myself.

I came to Kitimat in the early 50s as a teenager when construction was in full bloom. Us kids rode the bus down to Smelter Site with the construction workers when we wanted to go to a movie at the old Rec Hall.

Some of us even had our behinds pinched as we stood up on the bus – did we run home to mommy and daddy to complain? NO, we stood up for ourselves.

The police in those days knew where all the parties were and came and sent us home – sometimes with a ‘smack’ to let us know who was boss.

That was much better than going home to our parents who might have made it well known who was really boss!

I babysat for a person who was apparently ‘someone of good character’ – the father came home early and tried to put the moves on me. I punched him, left him with the kids and went home.

No, I didn’t tell my Dad because he probably would have gone and punched the guy out and then there would have been more trouble than it was worth (and no, I never babysat for them again).

I trusted my parents and respected them, and knew they would always stand up for me – but sometimes you have to stand up for yourself!

Construction workers are no worse than they were years ago and if it wasn’t for them none of you would be here, enjoying a roof over your head and food on your plate!

Don’t keep coddling your kids – life is hard and sometimes you have to learn the hard way and stand up for yourself otherwise you end up as a society of wimps constantly whining on Facebook.

Many of Kitimat’s current residents are the children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren of construction workers who came here to build the town.

I leave you with this: “Common sense is like deodorant – the people who need it most never use it.”

Keep smiling,

I’m watching and listening.

Roma Burnett

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