City councillor comes under fire

Dear sir,

Dear sir,

Recently Mike deJong visited Kitimat, attending various functions including a ‘get to know me’ at the Northstar.

Kudos to him, as Christy Clark apparently can’t be bothered – one has to ask why.

Likely the best answer to that is the display we witnessed at in the Tsunami restaurant when, given the opportunity for each there to identify themselves, our esteemed retired dentist and councillor Gerd Gottschling decided it would be an opportune time to vent his frustrations at having lost every venture he has ever been involved in since sitting in chambers.

At a time when the city is moving forward, on the cusp of a rehabilitation others can only dream of, this individual decided to embarrass himself, our guest and most others in the room with his insistent attempts to establish a position – power sales – that hasn’t been relevant for many years.

The unfortunate resultant response, his quiet retreat from the room, only seemed to reinforce the notion that, despite early indications of a positive career position beneficial to the community, he has continually regressed to one of irrelevance.

James L Richards.