A bouquet from Saskatchewan

A visitor from Saskatchewan has plenty of positive things to say about helpful residents of Kitimat.

A bouquet from Saskatchewan

Dear Editor,

As a recent visitor to Kitimat, I would like to offer a bouquet to this lovely city and the warmth and kindness of its citizens; first as reported to me by my granddaughter who moved here with her husband and two small sons about a year ago, and second as experienced by me during a visit little over a week ago during Air Canada Flight 8242 from Calgary via Vancouver to Terrace.

The weather was poor with low visibility and high winds reported as we began reducing altitude at Terrace airport, and the pilot chose to put the safety of his passengers ahead of a possibly foolhardy attempt to land.

Turning back to Prince George the aircraft was refuelled and a second attempt to land at Terrace was made. This too was aborted and the flight returned to Vancouver despite the loud grumbling of a few passengers. I give full marks to the pilot and his crew who did their best to keep us informed; however upon landing, by now close to midnight, Air Canada itself was less than helpful and offered nothing in the way of hotel accommodation or food vouchers.

Thanks to the gentleman seated by me in Row 15, a 40-year resident of Kitimat, I was assisted to find passage on a flight the next day, and later another resourceful woman passenger miraculously found hotel accommodation for several of us at a price we could afford.

Safely arriving in Terrace on the 18th, I have only happy memories of time spent with my dear great grandsons and their parents, this beautiful area of B.C., and the travelling companions who helped me get here. I look forward to many future visits.


J. Bunce