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Request for Expression of Interest

Request for Expressions of Interest

Request for Expressions of Interest

Number: 2023-15 Visitor Information Center and Tourism Services

The District of Kitimat is requesting expressions of interest (RFEI) from interested parties for the provision of Visitor Information Center and Tourism Services. This RFEI is intended to determine whether or not there is sufficient market interest to proceed to a competitive bidding process. In the event there is sufficient interest in this requirement, the District of Kitimat may, but is not obligated to, initiate a competitive bidding opportunity.

The District of Kitimat offers over 30 services to residents of the municipality. As part of its commitment to promote a diverse local economy, the District supports tourism promotion and activities through a contractor. This RFEI is to secure a provider of Visitor Information and Tourism Services over a 5-year period. The total contract amount is estimated at $790,000 ($158,000 per year x 5 years) exclusive of taxes and with yearly CPI adjustments.


a. The services must be equivalent to the services offered by the Kitimat Chamber of Commerce which involves a leadership role in Visitor Info Centre and tourism services that reasonably align with the tourism development activities of Destination BC and Northern BC Tourism.

b. The services must include operating a Visitor Centre, providing suitable brochures and information to benefit visitors and residents including recommended operational hours of:

i. 8 hrs/day, 5 days/week during the months of September – June

ii. 8 hrs/day, 7 days/week during the months of July and August (including statutory holidays)

c. The services must include promoting and facilitating various events open to visitors and residents.

d. The services must include actively participating in regional visitor/tourism promotion activities.

e. The services must include designing and publishing an annual visitors guide.

f. The services must include managing tourism opportunities on the Kitimat Bound website.

g. The services must include being a member of Destination BC and Northern BC Tourism.

h. The services must include liaising, strategizing, and partnering with the District of Kitimat’s Economic Development department.

i. The services must include decision-making capacities based on strong knowledge and experience of the tourism industry, destination development, and local tourism offerings and opportunities.

Interested parties are invited to respond to this RFEI by submitting a letter to the District of Kitimat that includes a brief statement of the nature of their interest in the District of Kitimat’s requirement. Responses should include a statement of interest, a brief statement on the applicant’s qualification and how they intend to provide the required services. There will be no evaluation, ranking, or selection of vendors as a result of this RFEI; it will not be used to pre-qualify or screen vendors for a subsequent competitive bidding process, if any.

If subsequent competitive bidding opportunities are issued, the District of Kitimat is under no obligation to advise any vendor responding to this RFEI. The BC Bid website ( should be monitored for such opportunities which will be open to all, whether or not a response to this RFEI was submitted.

Responses can be submitted by hand, mail, or email. Responses must be received at the following location by 4:30 p.m. on Friday, October 20, 2023 and quote “RFEI #2023-15, Visitor Information Center and Tourism Services”:

  • Contact Person:

Ronald Rich

Purchasing Manager

  • District of Kitimat

Purchasing Department

270 City Centre

Kitimat, BC V8C 2H7