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BC LNG gets their export licence from the government

A 20-year export licence has been issued to BC LNG Export Co-operative.

School recess returns

School times are back to normal this week in the Coast Mountains school district for the first tine since October.
The end for Book Masters in Kitimat

The end for Book Masters in Kitimat

The Book Masters store is closing after their contract with The Source was cancelled by the corporation.

Landowner Group forms

A group of potentially affected or impacted landowners by the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline met in Fort St. James last week.

Radley Park: Rescue or Reconfigure?

The Kitimat River started eroding the city’s most popular park in 2006 and by the end of the year three sites had been claimed by the river.

Kitimat schools facing water quality problems

Parents and caretakers were alerted to high levels of lead and copper in the water at Kitimat's schools.

Revitalization discussion tabled for another time

Council will be considering tax exemption bylaws for downtown revitalization.

Kitimat has immediate need for 217 units of affordable rental and supportive housing

Kitimat now has a housing needs assessment with the release of a new report.

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Northern Gateway: avalanche dangers raised

Another council meeting, another anti-Enbridge presentation.