With plebiscite wrapped up, a final look at the costs including to District of Kitimat

A look at what the plebiscite cost in campaigning for both sides of the question, plus the bill to the District of Kitimat.

Shortly before the final vote took place, both sides of the debate had released their expenses for their Kitimat plebiscite campaigns.

According to Enbridge numbers they spent $6,500 in print advertising and another $3,100 on radio advertisements.

That adds to $9,600 total disclosed spending.

The company did not yet have a number to provide regarding their “Vote Yes” signs. A company spokesperson said before the vote that vandalism was altering those totals.

When asked about some open houses the company hosted in the midst of the campaign and some print materials that were released, company spokesperson Ivan Giesbrecht said those are ongoing expenses for province-wide outreach that they do not disclose.

Douglas Channel Watch (DCW) released their numbers ahead of the vote as well and their total rises over Enbridge’s own.

They say they spent a total of $10,970 on print, $2,600 on radio with another $792.92 on supplies. That totals $14,362.92.

DCW released their figures on April 7 at a public council meeting, and Enbridge released their numbers to media on April 11. The company had earlier promised to release their expenses for the campaign.

As for what the plebiscite cost the District of Kitimat itself, the total is approximately $13,500, not inclusive of some extra advertising the District bought near the end of the process.

That includes $7,500 in wages, $1,000 for the ballots themselves, $3,000 for advertising and $2,000 in “other/materials.”