What will Kitimat plebiscite accomplish, councillors wonder

Councillors at their January 13 meeting spent some time pondering what to do with plebiscite results.

Kitimat councillors haven’t settled on what they’re going to do with the results of April’s plebiscite on Enbridge Northern Gateway.

Not to say the issue wasn’t brought up. Before councillors dug into the nitty-gritty details of how to conduct the plebiscite, councillors pondered in discussion about where they would go from here.

“The community is split,” said Corinne Scott, noting that councillors had a lot of pressure to take a stand earlier in their term.

“It’s a non-binding plebsicite, so what are we trying to learn from having this plebscite and what will we do with the information afterwards? I question why we’re even having one.”

Phil Germuth meanwhile worried that if they didn’t say now what they are going to do, they could end up wasting $15,000 on the whole process.

“We should have at least the courage to say beforehand…if it comes up the majority are for it this is what we’re going to do, if the majority are against this is what we’re going to do. If it’s anywhere near even that neutrality is then justified.”

Mario Feldhoff said he was happy waiting for the results of the plebiscite before making any more decisions as a council.

“I for one want to see the outcome of the plebiscite and the number of voters that turn out…then I’ll decide whether or not it’s something that should be binding.”

Council did not make any motions regarding actions following the outcome of the vote.