Town to set sewer rates for Kitimat’s floating camp

The Delta Spirit Lodge ship will get a fee for sewer processing as it does not pay property tax.

No property taxes from the Delta Spirit ferry in Kitimat’s harbour means the town won’t be flush with money from its arrival, but the town will establish a sewage rate for its waste.

At their March 31 meeting it is expected that Kitimat Council will be debating a fees bylaw to potentially add 10 cents per bed, per day to cover the cost of processing the ships sewage.

That cost would mean a sewage fee of $21,900 a year.

The bylaw is actually for any vessel or source of sewer that is not assessed by BC Assessment.

Property taxes are collected based on assessments and sewage processing is paid from that, but anything not assessed will not pay in to property taxes.

The Kitimat engineering department came up with the ten cents formula using a six-year average sewer cost.