Saddle up soldier!

Saddle up soldier!

Junior Rangers looking for more young people to sign up

The Junior Canadian Rangers are calling on young people to join the recently established program in Kitimat.

Capt. Scott Macdonald, Officer Commanding of 4th Canadian Ranger Patrol Group’s JCR Company, said the initial presentation in Kitimat on January 31 went well and that they have plenty of adult volunteers.

“We are very impressed with the number of adults who came forward to volunteer. What we need now is more young people to sign up for the program,” said Macdonald.

The local Canadian Ranger Patrol members will help lead the Juniors, anyone between 12 and 18 years old.

The Junior Rangers will be taught by experts in a number of fields, including hunting and fishing, throughout the year, except during summer when there won’t be any scheduled events.

The program develops skills in three areas: ranger skills, which includes navigation, the safe handling of firearms, bush craft, field craft, camping skills and some drill practices in preparation of Remembrance Day; life skills, which includes everything from learning how to open a bank account and preventing harassment and bullying, to cooking and changing a tire on an off-road vehicle; and traditional skills, skills reflective of the community tied to First Nations culture, history, language and craft, including activities such as crabbing, harvesting salmon, the ethical harvesting of game and even surfing.

Two local Rangers will be appointed patrol leader and second-in-charge, supported by a committee made up of adult volunteers who will provide strategic direction.

The Rangers will go out on at least two field training exercises every year where they go camping out in the bush, undergo skill development and participate in fun activities.

The parents don’t have to make any financial contributions – the Rangers are provided with very simple uniforms, including pants, hoodies, toques and gloves.

Macdonald said JCR Warrant Officer Ray Corfield will be in Kitimat from the afternoon of March 1 to the morning of March 3 to run another recruitment drive.

Parents interested in signing their children can contact Macdonald on 250-208-2647.

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