Police say they can break car windows if it seems pet inside is in danger from overheating

With 15 calls in two days to the animal shelter about pets left in overheated cars, people are urged to use common sense.

Kitimat RCMP corporal Stu Egers said that he hasn’t yet heard of any windows being smashed on cars to rescue overheated pets, but such an option may be considered depending on the circumstance.

Yesterday, the Kitimat Community Humane Society Manager Maryann Oullet said that over the course of two days, 15 calls were made regarding pets left in hot cars.

Egers said he wasn’t aware how many calls the RCMP themselves had received, but did say the action an officer takes would depend on the situation.

The officers will look at things like if windows are opened or if there is any food or water left for the pet.

“If it appears that it is a condition that’s not humane to them, like they’re parked right in the sun and it’s hot out, then we’ll go so far as to break the window and try to get them out and turn them over to the humane society,” he said.

However if the vehicle is in the shade and there’s water in the car, the officers may opt not to do anything.

“It’s really case by case,” he said.

People who call in complaints about animals left in cars can also be helpful by providing extra information as well.

“If the caller has any information the animal has been trapped in the vehicle, then that certainly helps go to our decision making as well,” he said.