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Black Press file photo

Open bottles, curfew breach among RCMP weekly report

RCMP weekly report for Oct. 23 to 28

Every week, the Kitimat RCMP publishes a list of several of the calls they responded to that week. Here’s the report from Oct. 24 to 28.

Open bottle, no entry

On Saturday, Oct. 24 at 9 p.m., the Kitimat RCMP went to a local pub following a call from staff requesting police assistance with people who had attempted to enter the pub with open alcohol containers. However, police said the people had left by the time they arrived.

Curfew breach

On Sunday, Oct. 25 at 9:15 p.m., an officer conducted a curfew check and residence and the man on a curfew order was not home. The officer went to a second residence and found the man breaching a further condition of his release order. The man was arrested. Crown counsel approved three counts of failing to comply with his release order and the man was kept in police custody.

Highway speeding

On Tuesday Oct. 27 at 3 p.m., the Kitimat RCMP received a report of a vehicle driving erratically on Hwy 37. The vehicle was reported to be traveling faster than 150 km per hour and tailgating while driving south towards Kitimat. The Kitimat RCMP found the vehicle and gave the driver a violation ticket for driving without consideration.

Intoxicated driver

On Wednesday, Oct. 28 at 9:15 p.m., an officer saw a vehicle speeding on Quatsino Blvd. The officer stopped the vehicle and driver appeared intoxicated. The driver failed a roadside screening impairment test, and was issued a 90-day driving prohibition and the vehicle was impounded to 30 days.