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LOOKING AHEAD: MP Nathan Cullen on the year behind and ahead

MP Nathan Cullen talks about the year that's passed and what is in store for 2016 for Canada.

Skeena-Bulkley Valley MP Nathan Cullen says 2015 had been a huge year for Canada.

“It was a huge year politically for the country and for the northwest.”

That’s in no small part to the federal election which saw the governing Conservative party knocked down to Official Opposition status and raising the Liberal party up to the helm.

Cullen said the election was a mixed bag of being good to him in the northwest but not so good nationally for the NDP.

“Really great turnout rate across the country, here in the Skeena as well. Had a lot of debates... Was personally very satisfied with the results we had in the northwest. Obviously disappointed with the results for us as a party,” he said.

As for working with this new government, Cullen said they’ve definitely been easier to work with than the past government but he says the government must work urgently to meet many issues that had gone ignored under the Conservatives, including action on climate change.

“Canada needs Plan B in terms of what drives our economy and no longer have all of our eggs in one basket,” he said, referring to oil.

Cullen is also hoping to continue drawing infrastructure spending to the riding. Increased infrastructure spending was a major point of the Liberals’ campaign and Cullen will hold information sessions throughout the month to gather input about what people want to see.

Cullen said it won’t be about what he wants and early indications show it could be basic transportation and telecommunications spending which will make up a big part of the wishlists.

He’s also working with the government on developing the finer details on a proposed crude oil tanker ban off the north coast.