LOOKING AHEAD: MLA Robin Austin considers the year ahead for the riding

Skeena MLA Robin Austin thinks ahead to what 2016 will bring.

Skeena MLA Robin Austin looks back at 2015 as the year the provincial government did very little.

In terms of any major legislation he says there was nothing to show from the province.

The BC Liberals meanwhile lost a lot of time focusing nearly entirely on the liquefied natural gas industry, which has not resulted in a final investment decision.

So what will 2016 hold for the province?

For one he expects to see a funding boost to the Ministry of Children and Family Development.

That ministry has been the target of a number of reports, the latest by Bob Plecas who issued a number of recommendations for the ministry including more funding and more accountability.

Austin sees the ministry as a major focus for the Liberals in the year ahead.

Austin is also hoping to see a provincial government less focused on development LNG industries in the province.

He sees that as political meddling in decisions that is never up to the government in the first place.

Austin wants to see the government jump off the LNG bandwagon in favour of other topics.

For one he wants to see progress made in the licencing rules for motorcycle operators. He’s hoping legislation will make motorcycles safer, which is also a focus of a coalition of people led by Kitimat’s Denise Lodge whose son was killed in a motorcycle accident.

The provincial government did introduce some new legislation in 2012 regarding motorcycle safety.

Austin also wants to see amendments made to off-road vehicle regulations to provide operators more flexibility in how they run their vehicles.