Ledcor and Haisla sign with LNG Canada

LNG Canada has selected the Ledcor-Haisla Limited Partnership for site preparation activities

February 25, 2016 – We’re pleased to announce that LNG Canada has selected the Ledcor-Haisla Limited Partnership for site preparation activities at our proposed liquefaction and export facility in Kitimat, British Columbia.

The Ledcor-Haisla Limited Partnership is a partnership between the Haisla Nation and Ledcor, and the site preparation contract will lead to tangible benefits for the Haisla and Kitimat communities.

“As LNG opportunities present themselves to the Haisla we wanted to ensure benefits for our people beyond a few payments here and there. Joint ventures such as this one with Ledcor provide our people with training opportunities and employment, and an ability to partner with and learn from leading Canadian companies,” says Haisla Chief Councillor Ellis Ross.

“It’s a commitment of Council that the revenues which come to the Nation through such partnerships are shared with our 1,800 members. This contract, and other contracts like it, presents an opportunity for Haisla members who have left to find work to come back to Kitimat for good jobs.”

Ledcor is one of North America’s most diversified construction companies and believes in engaging with Aboriginal and local communities where it works to increase their role in our projects.

“We value our strong partnership with Haisla Nation, formed on trust and a willingness to work together,” says Quentin Huillery, Senior Vice President of Ledcor Constructors.  “Ledcor will continue to bring positive, long-lasting benefits to the local community by providing training, employment, and business opportunities on this project.”

The scope of the site preparation contract includes activities such as grubbing, excavation, and grading in the area where the LNG Canada workforce accommodation centre will be located.

This work will prepare the site for construction, should the project make a positive final investment decision.

LNG Canada will not undertake any work until the necessary permits and authorizations are in place, which we are working to obtain.

As we finalize the schedule of specific site preparation activities, we will share details with the community.

Visit our contracting and procurement section for more information about opportunities.

To be considered for any contracting and procurement opportunities, LNG Canada invites potential contractors and suppliers to register with us by:

Contacting us at contracting@lngcanada.ca and asking for the Request For Information (RFI) part 1, and completing and returning the RFI part 1 per the instructions we will send to you.

While this is an important step forward for LNG Canada, the project must continue to demonstrate that it is competitive, we have key regulatory permits, and we have mitigated the risk of labour shortage prior to making a final investment decision. LNG Canada’s Joint Venture Participants still plan to make a final investment decision in late 2016.

The exact timing of that decision will be up to the Joint Venture Participants to make.