How the District of Kitimat’s payroll compares to other towns

A look at the pays of CAOs and the payrolls as a hole between Kitimat and other northern towns.

Kitimat’s Chief Administrative Officer Ron Poole entire remuneration was almost $214,000, inclusive of expenses, in 2013.

That’s according to District of Kitimat figures. Municipalities must disclose the salaries for people earning more than $75,000 on the town payroll.

Poole’s actual base salary though is $185,657. The District released that information on March 4, saying the difference between the base salary and his pay from the financial disclosure is that the base salary is before things such as overtime, vacation buy-out, banked-time buy-outs, allowances and reimbursed expenses.

Kitimat compared its CAO’s salary with that of other communities “similarly impacted by potential natural gas developments.”

In Dawson Creek, population 12,000, their CAO’s salary is $180,374. The Northern Rockies Municipality’s CAO gets $191,095 in base salary and Fort St. John takes $192,384.

When totalling the entire remuneration — all the extras such as noted for Poole — Dawson Creek’s CAO takes $195,081,41, and the Northern Rockies’ takes $212,126.

Meanwhile Kitimat’s entire payroll is high but doesn’t beat Prince Rupert’s.

Kitimat’s total payroll is $10,036,604, with an approximate split of $5 million each for those making more than $75,000 and those making under.

The District’s disclosures show there are 47 employees listed earning more than $75,000, many of them firefighters.

Over in Prince Rupert the City Manager Robert Long earns $98,770 (and claimed $27,592 in expenses in 2013), while the city does have a higher overall payroll at $12,305,600. Staff earning more than $75,000 total $4,213,104 of that total.

Terrace’s total payroll is $7,201,207.29, inclusive of expenses as well. Terrace’s own CAO earns $136,094.81, and claimed $139,705.68 inclusive of expenses.

They have 25 employees earning more than $75,000, although their list does not include as many firefighter positions.

Meanwhile to compare Kitimat to itself for a moment, in 2010, the last full year Municipal Manager Trafford Hall was in the position before Poole’s arrival, Hall’s total remuneration was $147,265.12, plus $15,759.69 in expenses. Added up that is $163,024.81.