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District to purchase new Zambonis

The two new ice cleaners will replace the current machines purchased in 2006

Council voted to purchase two new Zamboni ice cleaners at the Committee of the Whole meeting, which would be used to replace the machines currently used at Tamitik Arena and the Kitimat Ice Rink.

So far in 2016, the current ice machine at Tamitik has experienced $23,540 in repairs, and the Kitimat Ice Rink machine has experienced $4,749. In 2013 and 2014, the Tamitik machine needed extensive repairs and maintenance to the tune of $18,842, and $22,047 respectively. The Kitimat Ice Rink machine received repairs and maintenance which added up to $9,796 and $12,000 for those years as well. Both machines are Olympia brand ice cleaners, and were purchased in 2006.

The new machines will both be Zamboni 526 models, with District staff opting to go with Zamboni over Olympia because of ease of getting parts, tighter turning radius when operating, and the District already has infrastructure in place to support propane powered machines.

The total cost of the machines is $245,547.41, which is over the current budgeted funds for the machines, sitting at $231,000. However, District staff plan to purchase the machines in July 2017, at which time an additional $50,000 will have been added to the recreation large equipment reserve, covering the cost of the purchase fully. Purchasing the machines in July also allows the District to benefit fully from the warranty on the machines, without having them sit idle during the warmer months.

Council voted four to one in favour of purchasing the equipment, with two councillors absent from the meeting.