District launching survey to analyze COVID-19’s impact on local business

The Kitimat Economic Recovery Task Force is made up of representatives from across the District

If you have a local business the District of Kitimat wants to know how COVID-19 has impacted it.

A task force aimed at facilitating economic recovery in response to COVID-19 has launched a District-wide survey asking local entrepreneurs about the impacts of the virus on their business. The survey is also looking for feedback on the supports local businesses could use right now.

The Kitimat Economic Recovery Task Force is an eight-member committee comprised of representatives from: the District of Kitimat, Kitimat Chamber of Commerce, Haisla Nation, LNG Canada and Rio Tinto, as well as members representing the general, tourism and industrial sectors of local business.

“The Task Force is focused on supporting local businesses and facilitating economic recovery through the coronavirus pandemic and in the aftermath of the crisis,” says Director of Economic Development, Michael Dewar. “The survey

will be invaluable for the Task Force to understand what businesses are going through during the pandemic and what supports will be required moving forward towards economic recovery and growth.”

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The District said the results from the survey will be used to develop a plan that is tailored to the unique needs of the community. It asks businesses a wide range of questions, including how much revenue they expect to lose as a result of the pandemic and to what degree they have had to potentially downsize their staff. It also asks business owners about what sort of support they’d like to see in place and how accessible current federal and provincial support programs that exist are to them.

“The information collected will be critical for developing a Kitimat-focused response that will truly align with the needs of our businesses and our community,” says Kitimat Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, Laurel D’Andrea.

Throughout the pandemic many within the Northern Health region have suggested a difference in restrictions for businesses when compared to the Lower Mainland due to the disproportionately lower number of confirmed COVID-19 cases.

The survey can be completed in about five minutes and all local businesses are encouraged to participate by visiting www.kitimat.ca.

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