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Developer wants to develop townhouses at north end of Kingfisher

A plan for 40 more Kitimat townhouses has been put forward for the lot of land on Kingfisher behind the north end of Margetts Street.
An image of what the Kingfisher townhouse development could look like

Residents on Margetts Street are unlikely to be terribly happy about the return of a townhouse development proposal for the area of Kingfisher behind the north end of the street.

An application to develop that land in to a complex of over 50 units failed to garner Kitimat Council support for the rezoning, after a number of complaints from neighbourhood residents concerned about the impact of traffic and privacy of their own homes.

However this new proposal, from the same developer McFadden Management, now meets the town’s existing zoning for the property. The application as it is is for 40 units.

The complex will include five buildings, three expected to front Kingfisher on the road leading to the golf course.

Staff note to council that since existing zoning allows the 40 units they have limited ability to withhold a development permit.

Conditional on the development will be for the developer to bring the north part of Kingfisher Avenue up to municipal standards.

Council will likely meet for a decision on the permit on December 14. Policy states residents must have 10 days notice before council makes a decision.

The decision so far is to receive the application, send it to the Advisory Planning Commission, and to issue public notice for the proposal.