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Deposits and refunds halved at B.C. Return-It for containers one-litre and larger

The change is meant to simplify the system and make recycling beverage containers easier for all
The Kitimat Bottle Depot, among others, will soon be issuing $0.10 refunds and deposits for beverage containers one litre in size and over, instead of the current $0.20. (Clare Rayment)

Starting Oct. 1, beverage containers one-litre and greater will change from $0.20 deposits to $0.10 deposits at the Bottle Depot in Kitimat and other recycling depots around B.C.

A transition period will be in place from Oct. 1 to Oct. 11, where containers of acceptable sizes will still be refunded $0.20 when the beverage containers are returned, with a $0.10 deposit for beverage containers purchased.

As of Oct. 12, though, the $0.10 deposit and refund will be unified for all beverage containers, to “simplify the overall system and make it even easier for you to recycle all your beverage containers,” the Return-It website said.

Visit the Return-It website for more information on this change.

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