Council considers adding Hirsch Creek Campground sites

Council will contemplate adding more campsites to the Kitimat community.

Councillor Mario Feldhoff wants to see the town considering adding more camp sites to Hirsch Creek Park.

Feldhoff put forward a motion for the town to investigate the potential for additional camp sites at Hirsch Creek, saying there’s a need for more sites in Kitimat to accommodate tourists.

He notes such development would involve communicating with the Haisla and the province but thinks it’s an idea that should be seriously considered.

Hirsch Creek land is owned by the province and managed by the municipality.

Feldhoff was backed up in a unanimous vote by councillors in attendance, with no additional comments provided by the others.

Right now there are 42 sites at Radley Park, 21 electrified, and there are currently nine sites at Hirsch Creek.

There is a long term plan to add eight more sites to Radley Park as well but that would come after some other major projects such as dealing with its septic system.

The motion comes as council and the Leisure Services department looks towards charging camping fees again at Hirsch Creek.

Since the Eurocan closure, the park has reverted to a “wilderness park” which essentially means the District of Kitimat doesn’t patrol the park.

It is expected to likely re-open as a municipal park with paid camp sites this summer, with patrols and with provided fire wood.