The construction of the park is being handled by Velosolutions. (Photo Supplied/Spruce Tree Media Ltd)

Construction underway on Oviatt Bike Park

The park is expected to open in the middle of summer this year

Construction is underway on Oviatt Bike Park and is being handled by Velosolutions a pump track constructor company. The project has been in the works over the last two years.

A pump track is a circuit of banked turns and features designed to be ridden by riders pumping. Pumping is when riders generate momentum by up and down body movements.

The new bike park is entirely funded by the Oviatt Family. Jack Oviatt has lived in Kitimat for 50 years, he is a contractor who specializes in land development.

”Kitimat has been really good to me, we live in paradise,” said Oviatt. “Planning this bike park project has been a lot of fun for me in my retirement. “

The bike park is on a six-acre lot in the Strawberry Meadows area of town. Selection of the contractor was a conscious effort to bring competition to town.

“The future for the project we hope is going to be some sort of Red Bull competition,” said Oviatt. “Velosolutions are the only pump track builder that Red Bull will do races on.”

The new bike park is expected to be open to the public mid-summer 2022.