Children reminded to stay safe this Halloween

RCMP remind everyone to report any crimes they may see

Every year Oct. 31 marks the day when children get dressed up and head out going door to door to get candy.

Halloween is a fun time for many as it’s a chance to dress up as your favourite monster or villain, or your favourite character. Every year safety becomes more important and the Kitimat RCMP would like to remind everyone to be safe this Halloween.

“We will have extra officers conducting patrols to ensure public safety,” said S/Sgt Graham Morgan with the Kitimat RCMP.

RCMP has not seen an increase in calls for service on Halloween in recent years. There are some safety tips that people can keep in mind when they’re heading out to gather candy.

People are reminded to be visible at night which means wearing reflective clothing or bringing a flashlight. It’s also important to stay on the sidewalk and do one side of the street at a time.

It’s also important that if fake weapons are part of the costume that they look fake.

RCMP are encouraging everyone that if they see something they should say something. Halloween can be a popular time as well for criminals and people are reminded to report any crimes they may see.