Joanne Monaghan

Joanne Monaghan

CANDIDATE BIO: Joanne Monaghan

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(Running for Kitimat Mayor)

Joanne Monaghan has served Kitimat Council since 1980.

She was born in Minnesota and immigrated to Canada in 1967.

She served as Chair of the Regional District for eight years and vice-chair for nine years.

Monaghan was the first female president of the Yellowhead Highway Association and the North Central Municipal Association.

She served two terms as President of the UBCM and as President of the FCM.

Under the Canadian Economic Development Agency she served in Ecuador and lectured in South Africa and Ghana for women in politics.

In 2000 she was chosen as Professional Woman of the Year and in 2001 she received the Influence and Impact Award.

She received the Queen Elizabeth 11 Golden Jubilee Medal and also the Diamond Jubilee.

During her UBCM tenure she signed the protocol which says that the province is bound to consult with municipalities and regional districts before considering legislation affecting them. Other achievements include having Highway 37 change from a ‘B’ to an ‘A’ for better maintenance. Was instrumental in procurement of 911. Set up the Health Advocacy Group for more doctors and nurses and was instrumental in the recruitment of a veterinarian and the opening of an animal shelter.

– Joanne Monaghan