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Bish Creek fire removed from Province’s Wildfire Dashboard

Unclear when investigation into fire’s cause will be completed
A photo of the Bish Creek wildfire taken on the afternoon of May 11. (District of Kitimat photo)

A wildfire which burned through some 40 hectares of two cut blocks off the Bish Creek Forest Service Road has been removed from the Province’s website application for tracking fires across B.C.

The District said last week that firefighters continued to patrol the area and monitor the fire, then classified as under control, for lingering signs of heat or reignition. They have said the aftermath poses no risk to the community.

The fire is believed to be caused by human activity, pending a formal investigation. The Kitimat Northern Sentinel has reached out to the District for more information on what the estimated date for completion of such an investigation is.

Of the 140 wildfires which have occurred in the Province as of May 26, over 80 per cent (118) are estimated or confirmed to have been caused by human activity. This compares to just two fires caused by lightning strikes and 20 where the cause is unknown.

Currently both Category 2 and 3 fires are prohibited within the Northwest region. These restrictions also apply to the use of fireworks. Campfires are permitted as of May 26.
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