April crime statistics for Kitimat

The Kitimat RCMP has released the statistics for new cases opened in April in Kitimat.

Staff Sergeant Phil Harrison updated council on current crime trends with the April 2013 crime statistics.

His report also covered staffing levels, which while fine at the moment, will shortly dwindle with transfers out and two officers going on parental leaves.

He said he has 15 members right now which will drop by four in the next six weeks, and then by the two, leaving nine members, not including the four replacements which he doesn’t yet have a start time for.

As for crimes themselves, some dropped off in April while others show a continuing rise over 2012’s figures.

There were no sexual assaults in April, nor were there aggravated assaults. There were two assaults with weapons, totalling six for the year so far.

There were seven threats against a person, bringing that up to 37, and on its way towards the 53 seen in 2012.

Residential break and enters were higher this month than they were the same month last year, at six for April 2013. There were two in April 2012. That number brings the total to 18 so far this year, against 2012’s total of 30.

There was one vehicle theft in April bringing 2013’s total so far to 12. That’s only two away from all of 2012’s number of 14 vehicle thefts.

Mischief to property under and over $5,000 saw a lot of new files in April with 17, compared to only five at the same time last year. There have been 81 cases so far this year, and there were 160 cases in 2012.

For April drug offences were sparse, with only one file opened for possession of marijuana. That brings this year’s total to nine cases. There were 28 in 2012.

Thirteen people were given motor vehicle act tickets, and 43 received warnings.