We needed sunblock this week

We needed sunblock this week

We gathered a dozen nice full sized Dungeness Crab

I spent a few nice days on the Douglas Channel – the weather and winds have been fair and yesterday we needed sunscreen.

There weren’t that many people out on the water actually, and we trolled a popular spot off the tip of Maitland Island.

The highlight of the trip was hooking a large Chinook, only to have the beast break the 30 pound test line – a lunker for sure.

We dropped the crab traps and gathered a dozen nice full sized Dungeness Crab from our traps.

We are legally allowed two traps per licence and crab must be six inches across the carapace (the widest point across the crab’s shell).

Limits for crab are six per licence, per day.

When collecting your crab make sure the crabs are not light white or pale orange as they are soft shelled crab.

You can even gently squeeze their legs to check for mass of crab meat.

If they seem hollow let them go as they are not edible.

The crab that are deep purple and possess barnacles on them are the best for table fair.

And also it is key to bring home the saltwater from the ocean to cook your crab, the flavour from the natural sea salt makes them very sweet, whereas tap water is just not the same.