Olympic swimmer coaches Marlins

Olympic swimmer coaches Marlins

Marlin Swim Club athletes benefitted greatly from a swim camp put on by Swim B.C. at the Sam Lindsay Aquatic Center in Kitimat recently.

The 15 athletes – Ewan and Gavin Thomopoulos, Grayden Rusconi, Isaiah Silva, Kamryn O’Neill, Josh Reis, Liam Velho, Kate Byrne, Annika DeSousa, Gracie Baker, Meghan Skinner, Anna Ramos-Gadbois, Nolen Knox, Colby Bowles and Jake Kluss – were given a highly detailed review of the technical fundamentals of each competitive swimming stroke, as well as goal-setting activities and dryland training for swimming.

The camp was run by Pete Wilkins, Swim B.C.’s technical coach, Carrie Matheson, Swim B.C.’s program director, and Olympian Alec Page, who gave a presentation focused on on his athletic career and staying positive while working towards ambitious goals.

Alec raced against Michael Phelps in a preliminary 400 individal medley and swam on Canada’s 4 x 200m freestyle relay at the 2012 Olympics in London.

Having people associated with the highest-level of Canadian competitive swimming come to Kitimat to tell developing northwestern swimmers that the most fundamental swimming skills are the most important was a great way to begin the competitive swimming season. The club looks forward to this meet and to a great competitive season.

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