Junior golfer program gets a boost for 2018

Junior golfer program gets a boost for 2018

Hirsch Creek Golf and Winter Club golf pro Winston Michell said the club will continue with its highly successful young adult golf training program in 2018.

What’s more, the club will be using money he won through a PGA of B.C. Community Leadership Bursary to run the program.

The bursary was awarded to him in recognition for his work in helping the Hirsch Creek Ladies Club administer a program earlier this year to make golf more accessible for local preteen girls.

The program was launched by Ladies Club members Heather Masch, Fatima Reynolds and Gwen Sewell after presenting the proposal at the 2016 AGM.

The three sent posters to the schools in Kitimat, announcing they were on the lookout for young adults interested in golf. They later also made presentations at the schools to give more information about the program.

Six young ladies wrote letters to the club expressing their interesting in learning how to play golf, the letter having to answer the question: ‘Why a golf membership would be useful to me’.

The six were given free memberships for 2017, plus six weeks of lessons with Michell. They used a set of golf clubs that were sponsored by the club.

On Wednesdays they had lessons with Michell, after which Masch and Reynolds would take them out to play several holes.

“Next year we will establish a new group, and the bursary money will go towards developing them,” said Michell, adding that the program will be extended to boys golf and to curling.

The six girls that completed the program will become junior members next year. Winston accepted the award on October 11 in Richmond, joining nine other PGA of B.C. members and pros to receive awards which recognize leaders in the golf community who exhibit qualities such as volunteerism, selflessness, passion and dedication to the game.

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